Mozilla Mothballed now, is a Seamonkey package a possibility?

Rod Lovett rodlovett at
Sun Jul 23 22:24:25 UTC 2006

  As mentioned below by Joey from Debian weekly news, I personally would 
much appreciate Debian Developers/ package maintainers to consider 
discussing replacing the Mozilla browser , now superseded and mothballed 
by the Mozilla foundation and replaced by the Seamonkey Council, and now 
I think Seamonkey 1.02 is the stable release.
This email was written in a Seamonkey 1.0 cmg, installed on a  Kanotix 
box, but a Deb package would be better perhaps, in the Debian repositories.
I greatly hope this will be considered soon in at Debian.
Thanks too Joey
All the Best in there
> Rod Lovett wrote:
>> > Dear Martin,thanks again for Debian weekly, but may I ask, who is the 
>> > best to ask if Debian is going to replace Mozilla browser with 
>> > SeaMonkey, as this is already at release 1.02, and Mozilla has been 
>> > superseded, ie mothballed.
> The reflective maintainers would probably be best.  Hmm, looks like
> there is no SeaMonkey yet (only XULrunner as library).  Hence,
> somebody needs to package it first <>.
> Otherwise Debian Mozilla Maintainers
> <pkg-mozilla-maintainers at> may be a good
> starting point.
> It may also be worth considering to start a discussion on the
> debian-devel at list as this affects the current
> development and also the release of etch at the end of the year.
> Regards,
> 	Joey
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