howto build firefox package for development?

Mike Hommey mh at
Mon May 22 20:11:02 UTC 2006

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 12:45:23PM +0100, Ian Jackson <iwj at> wrote:
> Mike Hommey writes ("Re: howto build firefox package for development?"):
> > It's always been this way and gets better sometimes, especially when you
> > send patches upstream, which i did recently. I'll have to check on which
> > branch(es) they landed the patch. The patch was for xulrunner, but most
> > of it applies to firefox. I'm not sure I've applied it yet to our
> > firefox.
> Nevertheless, IMO even if the upstream build system is broken and
> can't quickly be fixed, debian/rules should work around the problem by
> cleaning it up.
> I've done that in Ubuntu's firefox (because it makes my life easier,
> amongst other things) and I submitted the diff to the Debian BTS
> (#350616).
> A few days after I filed that, Eric responded to a mail of mine about
> this saying:
> > I'll see if I can tackle this one in tree rather than in the rules
> > file. 
> Obviously with my Ubuntu hat on I would prefer Debian to take my patch
> just because it's less for me to maintain.  With my Debian hat on, I
> don't really have an opinion about firefox specifically but I think in
> general the Debian maintainer is responsible for making
> debian/rules clean work even if the upstream build system is buggy.

I beg to differ. This should not be fixed in debian/rules, but in the
upstream build system. And fixes should be sent upstream.
The latter has already been done, and the former is already done on
xulrunner and will be done in next upload of firefox.
Note that upstream did apply my patches, so it will hopefully be fixed
in coming official tarballs (not sure it was applied on 1.8.0 branch,


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