seamonkey progress III

Hendrik-Jan Heins hjheins at
Fri Oct 6 14:06:45 UTC 2006

This weekend??
that's quick!
How, what where?
I'm sorry but as I said before, I am learning here as I go, so I can
not do this quickly!
If people want Seamonkey, then I am going to need some help here.

About the release dates: I think that is quite critical. I have been
working with 1.1alpha ever since I started building it, and I never
had it crapping out on me. However, I do need to go over some of the
patches again when we have to go for 1.0.5, so that is going to take
some more time.

As far as testing on archs: I have been able to build and do testruns
both on i386 and amd64, but that's it.

Is it ok, when I do a dump of lintians here, so you can see where I am
stuck at the moment?


2006/10/6, Alexander Sack <asac at>:

> > mid-october ... target date for ffox is oct 24 ... probably a week
> > later and seamonkey following then (Alex?) ... so lets not assume we
> > will make it unless etch gets pushed back a month ...
> >
> > and somehow I don't feel good shipping the first release from a new
> > branch in debian stable ... but maybe that's just me. Eric, mike?
> To state it clearly: We have to push a package this weekend ... at
> best with all patches from mike (that have not yet been ported to new
> branch, right?). Otherwise, we are in great danger that we will FTBFS
> on multiple architectures.
>  - Alexander
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