seamonkey progress III

Hendrik-Jan Heins hjheins at
Fri Oct 6 14:56:13 UTC 2006

2006/10/6, Alexander Sack <asac at>:
> I know that its quick and you did a lot of work already ... thanks for
> that. I am trapped in the same time-constraint stuff, as I have to
> rename thunderbird and do more sarge work before I leave on Oct 13.

Same here, I need to work on my thesis, so I actually don' t have time
right now :-(

> I think we can get an exception if we don't make it this weekend, but
> it should be our goal to get something worth uploading that is from
> the same branch as ffox and thunderbird.
> >
> > About the release dates: I think that is quite critical. I have been
> > working with 1.1alpha ever since I started building it, and I never
> > had it crapping out on me. However, I do need to go over some of the
> > patches again when we have to go for 1.0.5, so that is going to take
> > some more time.
> What patches do you refer to? If you adapted those that mike
> provided, the original ones should apply cleanly for 1.0.5 right away.
No they don't.
Mike's patches refer to xulrunner. They do not port cleanly to Seamonkey.
I already told Mike which ones do and don't work. He's looking into it.
However: I did this only for 1.1!

> Its not about 1.1 not being stable from a general user-point of view,
> but that there will likely be huge stability fixes in the first minor
> releases we would be sad not get into etch. Anyway, lets wait for
> Mike and/or Erics opinion on this.

> >
> > As far as testing on archs: I have been able to build and do testruns
> > both on i386 and amd64, but that's it.
> Yes, but those are rarely the problem, because they are supported
> upstream.
:-D no comment.

> >
> > Is it ok, when I do a dump of lintians here, so you can see where I am
> > stuck at the moment?
> Sure.

Thanks, I'll do a dump I a moment


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