Mozilla plans for the lenny cycle

Mike Hommey mh at
Fri Apr 13 06:51:52 UTC 2007

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt didn't write:
> Heya,
> The release team is currently working on a schedule for the lenny
> release cycle. For that, we want to gather some data from the bigger
> software packaging teams in Debian first.
> We would like to know which major upstream versions of Mozilla are
> expected to be released in the next 24 months and how much time you
> expect them to need to get stable enough for a Debian stable release.
> Our current, very rough plans would mean a release in 18 months with some
> padding in both directions, which would lead to a lenny release around
> October 2008. We expect to shuffle this a bit around to fit everyone's
> needs, so please tell us if this date works for you.

The currently known upstream plans are the following:
- Firefox 3.0 is expected around Q2 2007.
- Xulrunner 1.9 should be expected at the same time.
- Seamonkey 1.5 should be expected some time in 2007.
- Thunderbird 3.0 is expected around Q1 2008.

They are all expected to be buildable on top of xulrunner (except itself,
obviously), which means we'll finally be able to have less pain for
stable maintenance. Even if not, it is my personal lenny goal to make
this happen.

As no other roadmap has been publicly depicted, I can't tell if by 18
months Firefox will be at version 4 or other, but it is likely that
there won't be new major releases for Firefox after 3.0 before Lenny,
effort probably going on the Mozilla 2.0 platform, which has a huge
change plan, thus may take a while to come to completion.


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