Pressing ctrl-shift-u does weirdness.

Phillip Pi philpi at
Tue Apr 17 12:53:45 UTC 2007


I don't know if this is a bug or not in IceApe v1.1.1 since I don't 
recall having this problem before v1.1.1. I use Fgupdater.G extension 
( in IceApe v1.1.1. It uses ctrl-shift-u keys 
to call up this extension. However, I noticed this hot key combination 
doesn't work anymore, and IceApe seems to respond weirdly: 1) URL form 
sometimes shows red underlines and 2) I can't type javascript: in it 
(slow and doesn't type the whole letters.

I tried a brand new profile to have no extensions, using defaults, etc. 
and was able to reproduce it easily. Note that there is no fgupdater in 
this new profile. I had no profiles in an other Web browser, Konqueror, 
so it can't be KDE or the keyboard.

I was wondering if you were able to reproduce this to confirm this bug. 
Thank you in advance. :)
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