Bug#136545: Feature request: external editor

Mike Hommey mh at glandium.org
Sat Apr 21 17:36:27 UTC 2007

reassign 136545 galeon
tag 136545 upstream
clone 136545 -1
clone 136545 -2
reassign -1 kazehakase
reassign -2 epiphany-browser

On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 04:47:45AM -0000, sacrificial-spam-address at horizon.com <sacrificial-spam-address at horizon.com> wrote:
> Package: galeon
> Version: 1.0.3-0.4
> There are entirely too many web-based e-mail and other services that
> do the equivalent of handing you a form that says "Write your complaint
> in the 1 cm^2 box below.  Write legibly." For a long message, a way
> to reside the box manually (overriding what the web page "designer" says),
> and/or invoke an external editor on the box contents would be very valuable.
> (This also protects lengthy messages from being lost in browser crashes.)

This should be typically done with extensions, be they mozilla
extensions (such as the ones you can find on addons.mozilla.org) or
browser extensions (for galeon, epiphany and kazehakase).

I'll let these browsers maintainers see with their upstreams if that is
something they would want to support with extensions. Reassigning there.

For the mozilla part, I'll just close the bug. Feel free to file a
request for package (RFP) if you find a suitable extension on
addons.mozilla.org (I think there are some)


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