Bug#155151: mozilla-browser: Package should provide shlibs files, and probably should version shared libs

Mike Hommey mh at glandium.org
Sat Apr 21 21:24:49 UTC 2007

reassign 155151 xulrunner
close 155151

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 01:54:57PM -0400, aheitner at zedboy.net <aheitner at zedboy.net> wrote:
> Package: mozilla-browser
> Version: N/A
> Severity: wishlist
> To be a good citizen, the mozilla-browser pkg should provide a shlibs file
> for /var/lib/dpkg/info to list the versions of the shared libs it provides
> (so that things like dpkg-shlibdeps and dpkg-genbuilddeps will work
> correctly).
> Also, according to Policy (chapter 9), shared libs should have full version
> numbers on the files. I know mozilla doesn't do this itself. It may be a
> requirement for the shlibs files to work right (they expect to have a field
> for the lib's version).

This used to be not possible because the library files were named
libnspr4.so and so on, so that dpkg-shlibdeps would tell the NEEDED
info in binaries that use these libraries would have an unsupported
format, making shlibs unuseable.

Anyways, all this has been solved when I uploaded the first release of
xulrunner into the archive, with all provided libraries properly
so-versioned and with appropriate shlibs.


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