Bug#420707: iceape: explicit helper apps settings should always override plugins'

Paolo oopla at users.sf.net
Tue Apr 24 09:28:04 UTC 2007

Package: iceape
Version: 1.0.8-4
Severity: important


this bug breaks usability and cause much grief to end user: I need a 
special viewer for .tif, since the plugin's default isn't good for G[34] 
TIFFs. It's just fine for anything else. Hence I set an explicit helper
for image/tif, I also set the 'Always ask me ...' checkbox; but on confirm 
it says 'Iceape can handle this type internally, for such type a helper app
will only be invoked if the server request external handling'.

The program is supposed to follow end user's _explict_ request, set in the 
provided setup box.
Besides, such 'internal handling override' isn't documented in the help.


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