Firefox and Thunderbird.

John McMonagle johnm at
Wed Jul 18 02:00:26 UTC 2007


Shows promise.
I managed to build thunderbird from ubuntu sources.
Had to remove icedove.
As I'm likely to have to do this many times want to get the procedure down.
Set up the sources in sources.list but was unable to use "apt-get 
source" to work so I just browsed my way through the ubuntu repository 
and downloaded the source files manually.
Not really  sure what version I got. Are there different source files 
for different releases?
An ideas on how automate this?



Alexander Sack wrote:
> The idea is to build the sources that are released in feisty ... not
> the binaries.
> Since you are already open to run your own builds, i considered this
> to not be a problem.
>  - Alexander

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