Bug#490995: libxul0d: conflict with libnss3-13 breaks acroread

Christian Marillat marillat at debian.org
Wed Jul 16 08:04:57 UTC 2008

Martin Wilck <mwilck at arcor.de> writes:


>   - weaken the acroread requirement of libxul0d to a "recommends"
>     (after all, it's only necessary to display embedded HTML in PDF files)
>     (This is why I set Christian Marillat on cc).

Bad idea. if you start acroread for the first time the beyond acroread
windows is opened and the content is never displayed because libxul0d
isn't installed. More annoying the button to not open this windows on
the next startup isn't displayed and thus users will see this windows
each time acroread is started.


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