mozilla-central on alioth

Mike Hommey mh at
Mon Jun 16 22:27:49 UTC 2008


I've setup a clone of mozilla-central [0] on alioth.

As hg-fast-export doesn't support doing its stuff directly from the http
repository, we also have a mercurial clone[1], but its sole purpose is to
be cloned into git.

The git repo itself is near the other ones we already have, on [2]. We
will be able to use this to cherry-pick some changes from upstream,
which may end up much better than CVS...

The whole thing is updated every 6 hours.

I also converted iceape svn to git. I must apologize for not pushing my
changes lately in svn, but I locally switched to git with the full
upstream tree (contrary to only debian/ directory in svn) and I didn't
want to push a repo that was not complete. It is, now (I just hope I
didn't fuck up older history).




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