Bug#544973: iceweasel: URL completion / history search sometimes unavailable

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Mon Dec 28 05:59:41 UTC 2009

Ian> iceweasel normally displays relevant entries from the browsing
Ian> history when I start to type in the location bar.  This is becoming
Ian> a more important feature for me as bookmarks doesn't scale anymore.
Ian> But sometimes this mechanism just gets stuck - the history list
Ian> doesn't open no matter what I type.  I am not sure about this but I
Ian> think I see the whole "crome" area flickering very fast when this
Ian> happens.  It could mean iceweasel is furiously trying to do
Ian> something.  In any case, I can see no regular pattern at all in
Ian> when it happens - no correlation with the number of tabs, the page
Ian> displayed in the current tab, etc.  I reproduced it in safe mode as
Ian> well.

Mike> When that happens, are there any relevant messages in the Error
Mike> Console (in the Tools menu)

No messages.

I have noticed that if I just click in the address bar to start typing,
it never happens.  (Normally I start by typing Control-L.)  And when
it's stuck, clicking in the AB at that time makes it unstuck.  IOW, it's
another of many iceweasel focus / keyboard interface woes.

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