Yousuf Mohammed yousuf.mohammed91 at
Mon Nov 2 17:40:54 UTC 2009

Dearest One,  

I got your contact address on my desperate search for a reliableperson/company for partnership investments overseas,I am also believing thatyou will not expose or betraythe trust and confidence I am about toestablishwith you. I have decided to contact you with greatest delight and personalrespect. Well,  I am yousuf mohammed,son to Dr.Ibrahim mohammed late former Director offinance Sierra-Leone diamond and mining corporation.Few days before thedeath my father,
he confided in me and ordered me to go to his undergroundsafe and move out immediately, with a Deposit Agreement and Cash Receipt hemade with a BANK in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoirewhere he deposited USD$ 22 milliondollars cash(TWENTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS).This money was made from the sellsof Gold and Diamond by my father and he have already decided to use thismoney for future investment of the family.Thereafter, I rushed down toAbidjan with these two documents and confirmed the deposit of the fund by myfather. Also, I have been granted political stay as a Refugee by theGovernment of Cote d'Ivoire. 

Meanwhile, my father have instructed me to lookfor a trusted foreignerwho can assist me to move out this money from Coted'Ivoire immediately for investment.  Based on this,I solicit for your assistance to transfer this fund intoyourAccount, but I will demand for the following requirement:  

(1) Could you provide for me a safe Bank Account where this fund will betransferred to in your country or another nearby country where taxation willnot take great toll on the money?  

(2) Could you be able to introduce me to a profitable business venture thatwould not require much technical expertise in your country where part ofthis fund will be invested ?

Please, all these requirements are urgently needed as it will enable me toestablish a stronger business relationship with you hence I will like you tobe the general overseer of the investment there after. I am trusthing youand I will please want you to handle this transaction based on the trust Ihave established on you.For your assistance in this transaction, I havedecided to offer you 20% percent commission of the total amount at the endof this business. The security of this business is very important to me andas such,I would like you to keep this business very confidential.If you arewilling to assist me.Please kindly reply me immediately. I shall expect yoururgent responsethanks.
Please for urgency assistance contact me through this email addresse yousuf.mohammed1 at or call me 00225 01330628.


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