Bug#541658: problem not only in the network

Daniel Gibson metalcaedes at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 17:55:38 UTC 2010

sasha mal schrieb:
> There the behavior of IE+Win is, in general, the world standard due to the major market share. Some behaviors (including bugs, no matter how you defined them) of IE+Win don't correspond to that of the other browsers. If some behavior doesn't change in IE+Win for a long period of time (which we observe here), then, yes, that behavior is standard.

Repeating this nonsense doesn't make it true.
Also, this is not some weird rendering-behaviour (like this crap in
IE6-days that caused 80% additional effort in web development just to
make a page look ok on IE), but a problem on the network-level. At least
http should be implemented sufficiently standard-conform by any browser 
and webserver.

>> That being said, your pages work just fine on iceweasel here, so iceweasel is apparently not at fault here.
>> Again, please make sure everything is fine at the networking level. Ask your network administrator if necessary.

I agree that most probably it isn't Iceweasels fault, because Opera,
Chrome, Safari, Arora, even IE6 on my win2k-vbox etc are also affected.

IE7 (or IE8) and Firefox on windows server 2008 do load the page - on 
the same box that fails to load that page under debian.

So the problem probably is Linux/Debian specific.. so it may be a valid 
bug (if it turns out that it's somehow debians fault and not microsofts 
fault), I hope Mike doesn't mind discussing the bug here until we know 
the real cause so the bug can be reassigned or closed.

I guess I'll have to do further debugging with wireshark etc on both 
this box and my router to see, if the TCP-Package containing the cookie 
at least passes my router "into the internet" and if there really is no 
answer from research.microsoft.com.. when I find some spare time.

> I do see networks where all browsers opens the pages. But there are also networks where the pages don't get opened in SOME browsers, including firefox. Those networks are absolutely ok in other terms, network administration is with, e.g., the main Spanish telephone company telefonica, which says: "use IE". And they are not single networks, or no, I've seen this behavior often in at least three different countries. I remember being told that those pages did't open on firefox even inside MS. Since safari uses partially the netscape code, but lynx uses a different code base, I'm not surprised that the the behavior occurs in safari, but not in lynx.

I'm pretty sure that Safari and Firefox don't share Code that is 
relevant for this (network-specific) problem. Maybe they share 
spidermonkey-code, but that is just for JavaScript and has nothing to do 
with the issue.
I'm also quite sure that Opera and Firefox don't share any code.

I just tried "Lynx Version 2.8.7dev.9 (27 Apr 2008)" from debian lenny 
and it did load the pages.. but didn't use any cookies, even though I 
enabled them:

2196	491.242293	HTTP	GET 
/en-us/jobs/default.aspx HTTP/1.0 	
# note: lynx uses HTTP/1.0 instead of 1.1
# the request:
GET /en-us/jobs/default.aspx HTTP/1.0
Host: research.microsoft.com
Accept: text/html, text/plain, text/css, text/sgml, */*;q=0.01
Accept-Encoding: gzip, compress, bzip2
Accept-Language: en
User-Agent: Lynx/2.8.7dev.9 libwww-FM/2.14 SSL-MM/1.4.1
Referer: http://research.microsoft.com/apps/dp/pe/people.aspx

# end
see? No cookie.
You can try to verify that on your box with wireshark, but I guess it'll 
look the same and send no cookie, so the page is loaded without problems.

How do you connect to the internet with affected boxes? DSL, UMTS, ...? 
Directly or with a router? What kind of router? etc.

- Daniel

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