Business Proposal!

Joseph muzorewa joseph_mac at
Thu Jan 20 12:17:07 UTC 2011


my name is Joseph Muzorewa the third son of late president Bishop Abel Muzorewa of Zimbabwe.
i will like to be very brief and straight until i hear from you with your contact information,
my father the late president had funds deposited abroad in over 10 countries including Spain,France,the united states of America etc.must of this funds are been ceased by the government as a result of political differences,after his death must of his accounts abroad got ceased by some opposition politicians against him.

how ever,there is an account in Malaysia that no one knows about and i bear the next of kin to it.the account contain 900 million pounds.this is my inheritance but if exposed to the government will also be taken away from us.

i need a person outside Zimbabwe whom i will present as the foreign beneficiary to this huge amount of money.i will put in all my best to make sure that this transaction effects as fast as possible.please do let me know if i can trust you,and your capabilities in handling such kind of transaction.

i wait to hear from you soon. email:Muzorewa_joseph at

Joseph muzorewa

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