Prepare yourself for the upcoming changes on the repository

Mike Hommey mh at
Thu Jul 7 10:39:08 UTC 2011

With the upcoming changes in the beta and aurora channels (6.0 is going
to reach beta, and 7.0 to reach aurora), the
repository is going to adapt, and drop versioned archives in favor of
channel archives. The channel archives for beta and aurora already
existed, however what is new is the “release” channel. Currently, that
channel contains Iceweasel 5.0, but as soon as 6.0 is released, that’s
what the “release” channel will contain.

To summarize, if you added lines containing iceweasel-x.0 where x is 4,
5, or 6 in your /etc/apt/sources.list, you need to update it to the
corresponding channel (don’t forget 4.0 is dead, you should use
“release” instead).

The iceweasel-5.0 and iceweasel-6.0 archives still exist at the moment
but will be dropped as soon as the new aurora and beta releases are
ready, which should be real soon now (only waiting for actual upstream

As a somehow related note, it should be noted that Iceweasel 5.0 should
(finally) enter Debian unstable on the 15th of July, at which point the
latest 6.0 beta will also be uploaded to Debian experimental. It is
still unclear how long it will take for Iceweasel 5.0 to reach Debian
testing/wheezy, because of all the reverse dependencies, but when that
happens, we’ll also be able to push it to


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