o2 Promotional Lottery vbotnd0074 at
Tue Jul 12 09:03:40 UTC 2011

Congratulations, your email address is one of the lucky 30 global email addresses selected in the Automated Random Matrix Draw System of the 2011 o2 Mobile UK Ltd promotion held on 1st JULY, 2011. Your email has drawn the winning code number 7-0-3-9-1-9-4-0-8.
You are to immediately call our Global Telephone Confirmation Numbers specific to your region on:
+44-203-318-0533 ( Europe )
+1-347-389-0111  ( North America )
+55-21-3958-0895 ( South America )
+61-2-9037-2498  ( Oceania )
+852-5808-1888   ( Asia )
+27-10-500-3945 ( Africa )
+973-1619-9859  ( Middle East )
When requested, key in your specific winning number above and listen to the amount you have won. 

This winning code number is specific to you.
For winning details and other relevant information, please contact Mr. Gregory Mills, 

mills.george966 at for your prize.

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