iceweasel-kde-support on Debian

Rafael Belmonte eaglescreen at
Sun Jul 31 17:33:33 UTC 2011

Hello, I am mailing, KDE Extras Team, and Mozilla Team because my petition
is related to both teams.
This is to remember you about the existence of Kmozillahelper or also called
This is a package which provides Firefox (or Iceweasel in our case) a better
KDE integration and support, adding the following features:

    * Getting proxy configuration
    * Getting default applications by file extension, type, and protocol
    * The "Open with:" dialog
    * The file open dialog
    * The file save dialog, with KIO network transparency
    * The directory selection dialog
    * Opening files with default applications
    * Running applications
    * Opening the default feed reader
    * Opening the default mail client
    * Opening the default news client
    * Checking and setting the default web browser
    * Showing KDE notifications on download completions

This is already being used in OpenSuse (which is also upstream), and also is
used in Kubuntu packaged as "firefox-kde-support".
You can find upstream software here:
And information about the Ubuntu package here:
The Debian Bug #608171 is also related to this matter.
The current KDE integration of Iceweasel has a lot to be desired compared
with the other mentioned distributions, please consider joining efforts to
make it better on Debian KDE desktop.
Thanks you very much.
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