Bug#640331: iceweasel 6.0 - huge ram use

niky 45 niky.el45 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 13:32:53 UTC 2011

ok, thanks. it took something more than just creating a new profile (I have
had to copy the old one, delete the prefs.js from it, and reinstall a couple
addons which didn't seem to like the "hard-reset")

now, conky shows ~375 Mb with the about:home, espaciolinux.com, gmail,
google reader, and the about:config.

almost same addons enabled than before:
--- about:support - addons section (just the enabled ones)
Adblock Plus1.3.9
Lazarus: Form Recovery2.3
Tab Utilities1.1t
Webmail Ad Blocker3.4.2
YouTube to MP31.2.3

so, now i suppose i have to find which custom setting was causing that huge
memory use. i'll take a look as soon as i can.

2011/9/15 Mike Hommey <mh at glandium.org>

> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:10:16AM +0200, niky 45 wrote:
> > ok, some more tests.
> >
> > i was thinking, which extension can use so much ram?? so i had started
> > disabling te obvious ones: fasterfox (has some cache options that would
> use
> > pretty much ram), autopager, lazarus...
> >
> > the i thought: hey. what if i dis-enable ALL of them (again)??  the
> results
> > of the previous test, showed me that an idle measure of ram used (i.e.
> > having firefox opened for a couple minutes), are not always relevant.
> many
> > times, opening a (blank) tab, almost duplicates the ram use.
> >
> > so, i had disabled all of them, and opened some tabs: gmail (writing
> this),
> > the addons manager, the about memory one (which i show in the attached
> > screenshot), gogle reader, and a forum i usualy read (espaciolinux.com).
> >
> > at launch time, conky read ~300 Mb, a very good measurement. after
> opening
> > these tabs... voila!! now conky reads 1.31 Gb, and you can see (in the
> > attachment) that the about:memory gives similar data.
> >
> > in the second attachment, you can also see the addons: none enabled. (if
> > anybody wants the modified preferences section, tell me and i'll find a
> way
> > to upload it.)
> >
> > so, now, I think addons have nothing to do with the huge ram use.
> >
> > however, enabling safe mode, same tabs, showed a ram use of ~250 Mb.
> (sorry,
> > no screenshots, i thougth my email had been erased, so i closed iceweasel
> > without more testing, just to restart it in normal mode and see that my
> > email was just there.)
> >
> > so.... this shows that the problem is in the config?? should i reset the
> > config to see what happens?? any way to save a backup to restore it back
> in
> > case it's not a config problem??
> >
> > PS: thank you both for helping. i never thought i would receive such
> replies
> > (the last time i sent a bug report (to debian lists), i think it got lost
> in
> > the mailing list, since i don't remeber receiving any reply)
> You can start with "iceweasel -P" and create a new profile.
> Mike


English it's not my language. I'm trying to do my best, but forgive me if I
make a mistake.
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