Bug#670586: iceweasel: Still segfaulting, Debian Squeeze via LTSP

taylor at zordio.com taylor at zordio.com
Tue May 15 18:16:36 UTC 2012

On Tue, 15 May 2012 19:09:21 +0100, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> On 15/05/12 18:55, taylor at zordio.com wrote:
>> I did try starting Iceweasel with the -safe-mode flag, and had the 
>> same
>> issue. Disabling all add-ons did not change anything; browsing to
>> several pages that utilize Javascript (forums, vendor sites, etc) 
>> still
>> causes a segfault within the software.
> Hi Taylor,
> Thanks for the extra info.  Do you know if older versions of the
> iceweasel package had this problem?  Especially 3.5.16-13, if you 
> could
> please try it.
> * http://snapshot.debian.org/package/iceweasel/3.5.16-13/#binpkgs
> (Just in case you don't know this:  you only need the iceweasel,
> libmozjs2d, xulrunner binary packages.  If you have any -dbg or -dev
> packages already installed for a different version, "apt-get -f 
> install"
> will remove them for you.)
> It might help to know a specific page that reproduces the problem for
> you (and how often?  on every visit?).
> It might help to try this one as it gives a good stress test of
> JavaScript capabilities (takes a few minutes, browser may hang for a
> while, but this is normal) and I know for a fact it works okay for me 
> on
> 3.5.16-13:
> http://www.webkit.org/perf/sunspider-0.9.1/sunspider-0.9.1/driver.html
> Regards,

We actually regressed back to 3.5.16-11 which works just fine. I don't 
believe we tested -13, but if it hadn't had the issue, then we would've 
stuck with it instead of falling as far back as we did. As far as pages, 
I don't know of anything specific, but pretty much any page on 
LinuxQuestions.org causes the segfault every couple visits.

Taylor Burke

PS: Meant to reply-all my last message. Sleepiness is not conducive to 

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