Bug#739490: iceweasel: compiled extensions can not be built with version in wheezy-sec

Raphael Geissert geissert at debian.org
Tue Mar 11 14:23:23 UTC 2014

On 7 March 2014 11:29, Raphael Geissert <geissert at debian.org> wrote:
> On 5 March 2014 23:01, Mike Hommey <mh at glandium.org> wrote:
>> What about pkg-config --cflags libxul? Could you also share your built
>> -dev package?
> -I/usr/include/xulrunner-24.0

A quick and dirty workaround is to symlink the nss and nspr .pc files
as mozilla-$foo.

An alternative solution that seems to work fine is to:
* revert the part of the "Check less things during configure" patch
that modifies the calls to nspr-config,
* and an else to [1] to do something like this:
cd debian/tmp/usr/include/xulrunner-$(GRE_VERSION) && \
for f in nss/* nspr/*; do \
ln -s $$f $$(basename $$f); \

[1] http://sources.debian.net/src/iceweasel/24.3.0esr-1/debian/rules#L309

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