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 Dear <>

The right to live. Unfortunately many children in India do not even
have this basic right. Every day over 2500 newborn children succumb to
diseases that are very much preventable if action is taken on time.

While you would be having number of jobs on your list today, there is
one job that would make your day and your life even more meaningful. 

Join UNICEF in its efforts to provide long-term sustainable

for children that help them through all the stages of their life,
right from the

time they are born. We rely solely on contributions from donors like

So Imagine how crucial your role is in helping us take even a step

Give a monthly donation and become a Guardian of Hope. Donate Now!

 Save a life by pledging your support today.

 UNICEF relies exclusively on voluntary donations from donors like
you. This makes your contribution priceless. And we would like to
thank you for your montly donations.

 We are counting on you in our endeavor to give every child in India
the best start in life. Donate now!

 Warm regards

 Lalita Sachdeva


 For any suggestions/feedback, get in touch with us at:

 Office: UNICEF, 73 Lodi Estate, New Delhi, 110 003.

 Phone: 011 24606290 Email: indiadonors at
<mailto:indiadonors at>


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