Is Iceweasel 29.0.1 an ESR release ?

Mike Hommey mh at
Sat May 17 02:01:27 UTC 2014

On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 06:58:51PM +0530, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> Hi all,
> First and foremost, please CC me as I am not subscribed to the list.
> It was great to see iceweasel 29.0.1 enter sid/unstable (which means
> it will eventually migrate to testing) according to the PTS page once
> #747761 is sorted out.

It won't migrate to testing once #747761 is sorted out, because it fails
to build on armhf because of a compiler bug[1], and on ppc because of
upstream changes that broke with the ppc and sparc ABIs (which i'm going
to test a new fix for in experimental)

>  apt-show-versions -a iceweasel
> iceweasel:amd64 29.0-2 install ok installed
> iceweasel:amd64 24.5.0esr-1 jessie
> No testing-updates version
> iceweasel:amd64 29.0.1-1    unstable
> No experimental version
> iceweasel:amd64/unstable *manually* upgradeable from 29.0-2 to 29.0.1-1
> I tried to find if iceweasel 29.0.1 has been made as an ESR release
> but didn't get anywhere. I ask as I saw the auto-iceweasel transition
> which doesn't tell the reasons for the transition apart from the fact
> that perhaps people in the iceweasel-team like the new release (and
> the new UI).

Next ESR will be 31. The main reason I pushed 29 to unstable is that
we're getting close to 31, so recent versions need more testing.

As for the new UI, well, I still haven't decided how to handle it. This
is certainly going to be a problem with stable security updates.


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