Bug#623488: Regression found

Balint Reczey balint at balintreczey.hu
Mon May 19 21:06:30 UTC 2014

Control: fixed -1 29.0.1-1

On 05/15/2014 01:24 PM, Gregor Riepl wrote:
> I found the reason why it's not working any more:
> Should I report this as a new bug, a regression to be precise, or keep
> it here and hope that gstreamer support will be fixed/updated and
> re-enabled in the future?
> iceweasel (24.5.0esr-1) unstable; urgency=medium
Seems to be fixed now:
iceweasel (29.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.

  * debian/control*, debian/rules, debian/xulrunner.mozconfig.in: Build
    gstreamer 1.0 when possible.

  * js/src/jit/BaselineIC.cpp, js/src/jit/arm/MacroAssembler-arm.cpp,
    js/src/jit/arm/MacroAssembler-arm.h: Fix mis-refactoring, and add some
    asserts to let debug users know that float32 can be broken. bz#957504.
  * Pass JSVAL as a pointer to the structure on ppc. bz#961488.
  * configure.in, content/media/gstreamer/GStreamerAllocator.*,
    content/media/gstreamer/moz.build, content/media/test/manifest.js: Add
    support for GStreamer 1.0. bz#806917.

 -- Mike Hommey <glandium at debian.org>  Sun, 11 May 2014 15:53:14 +0900


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