HTML5 and Valid eMail addresses (Upstream bug 791069)

Matthew Wronka mozilla-debian at
Sat May 2 17:01:23 UTC 2015

Dear Mozilla Maintainers,

HTML5 has an odd, non-standard notion of a valid eMail address 
which is (willfully) in conflict with RFCs 822/2822/5322. This 
seems like an odd decision, since it both allows invalid eMail 
addresses to pass in-browser validation, and rejects some valid 
eMail addresses.

Mozilla's upstream currently respects the HTML5 requirements, and 
has rejected attempts at "correcting" the treatment of eMail 
addresses (bug 791069 in Mozilla's bugzilla).  Considering that 
the HTML5 definition seems like a poor user experience, I wonder 
if the Debian project would be interested in incorporating the rejected 

I realize this would mean maintaining a downstream patch indefinitely.
If there's interest, please let me know what the process would be.
A fairly recent patch (February against mozilla-central) is at although I could 
generate a more recent or different version if there's interest.

Matthew Wronka
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