Bug#713961: Processed: affects/found 713961

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Wed May 6 23:43:25 UTC 2015

Control: affects -1 - conkeror
Control: notfound -1 31.6.0esr-1
Control: notfound -1 37.0.2-1


Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> > affects 713961 conkeror
> Bug #713961 [iceweasel] iceweasel: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long
> Added indication that 713961 affects conkeror

Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> > # Since 1 or 2 days, maybe related to OpenSSL changing from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2?
> > found 713961 31.6.0esr-1
> Bug #713961 [iceweasel] iceweasel: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long
> Marked as found in versions iceweasel/31.6.0esr-1.
> > found 713961 37.0.2-1
> Bug #713961 [iceweasel] iceweasel: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long
> Marked as found in versions iceweasel/37.0.2-1.

The cause for this was actually PEBKAC. I do have a SOCKS proxy
running on IPv4 localhost, port 1080 and Iceweasel/Conkeror is
configured to use "localhost:1080" as SOCKS proxy.

I've recently installed robustirc-bridge, which by default also opens
a SOCKS proxy on port 1080. And upon reboot that one either was
started first or started up on IPv6 localhost. In either case:
Iceweasel/Conkeror was connecting to robustirc-bridge's SOCKS proxy
which can only proxy the IRC protocol as it changes those connection
to the robustirc protocol.

Hence HTTPS (and HTTP) didn't work over it and Iceweasel/Conkeror
failed for HTTPS with the error message reported in this bug report. I
think it's possible that the original reporter had similar proxy

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