[SCM] qtractor packaging annotated tag, debian/0.4.3-2, created. debian/0.4.3-2

siretart at users.alioth.debian.org siretart at users.alioth.debian.org
Sat Jan 16 08:56:14 UTC 2010

The annotated tag, debian/0.4.3-2 has been created
        at  9c208c326590185d9cb62d3713f063f17ff8e93f (tag)
   tagging  7276a698d6bbd137c5dd16e0bdad8ed11d447da1 (commit)
  replaces  debian/0.4.3-1
 tagged by  Reinhard Tartler
        on  Sat Jan 16 09:55:39 2010 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.4.3-2

Alessio Treglia (22):
      Change Maintainers to Debian Multimedia Maintainers
      Add myself as uploader.
      Lines should be shorter than 80 chars.
      Allow uploads by Debian Maintainers.
      Add Vcs-* tags.
      Replace automake1.9 with automake.
      Correct Vcs-Browser field value.
      Revert change to the configure file
      Start new upload
      Switch to debhelper 7.
      Add quilt support
      Take the configure file from upstream's tarball
      Add README.source file
      Revert direct change in diff
      Patch to fix the desktop file.
      Fix spelling error in the manpage file.
      Update changelog
      Revert direct change to config.h.in
      Add patch to specify the project's homepage.
      Update quilt series file
      Update debian/copyright
      Release 0.4.3-2


qtractor packaging

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