Bug#380155: [Pkg-mythtv-maintainers] Bug#380155: ivtv: create seperate source packages for different major releases

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Tue Aug 1 16:06:13 UTC 2006

severity 380155 wishlist

On 28/07/2006 Ian Campbell wrote:
> My intention has been/is to always have an ivtv which matches the latest
> packaged kernel in unstable and to allow it to propagate to testing at
> the same time as that kernel. The current glitch was because 0.6.x
> propagated to testing before kernel 2.6.16 did (I forgot the RC bug to
> stop it).
> The current plan is to let 0.6.3-2 propagate to testing and then to
> upload 0.7.x. This upload will have an RC bug filed until 2.6.17 moves
> to testing. I'm away most of next week so I'd expect that to happen
> after that, which is roughly when the 10 day wait for 0.6.3-2 finishes
> anyway.
> [...]
> Around about the time of 2.6.19 (was .18, .17...) upstream expects the
> ivtv driver to be merged upstream which is why I didn't upload the
> multi-version packages -- it should soon become unnecessary. I admit I
> (and upstream) thought "soon" would be earlier than it turned out to be
> though ;-)

sorry for the long delay.

i just wanted to say that all this sounds reasonable.

feel free to close the bug or tag it as wontfix (this way it stays
visible to other users who may have the same concerns).


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