[Pkg-mythtv-maintainers] Re: conglomeration modules for ivtv-source & zaptel-source

Daniel Baumann daniel at debian.org
Sun Dec 10 23:53:36 CET 2006

Bastian Blank wrote:
> And the kernel team may overtake it.

I bugged you so many times about those contrib and non-free
conglomeration packages since last July, most of the time with no answer
at all, sometimes with answers similar like 'i will doing it.. someday'.

Now, when I do it on my own to get things done, you are *immediately*
responsive and announce possible take-overs. This really sucks.

Additionally, when I see how you take care about
linux-modules-extras-2.6 where you didn't do something when it was
required (#396630), and also at the same time did not accept the help I
did offer several times, this makes me not confident that the kernel
team does appropriately take care about the conglomeration package enough.

Of course, every maintainer is free to choose which conglomeration
package does build the binary modules, but once there is a one included
in linux-modules-contrib-2.6 or linux-modules-nonfree-2.6, I considered
it an abusive hijack if you overtake them without prior agreement of all
involved people.


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