Bug#380155: [Pkg-mythtv-maintainers] Bug#380155: ivtv: create seperate source packages for different major releases

Ian Campbell ijc at hellion.org.uk
Fri Jul 28 09:28:49 CEST 2006


On Thu, 2006-07-27 at 23:23 +0200, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> it would be better to create a seperate source package for every major
> ivtv release. this way different linux kernel versions could be
> supported.

My intention has been/is to always have an ivtv which matches the latest
packaged kernel in unstable and to allow it to propagate to testing at
the same time as that kernel. The current glitch was because 0.6.x
propagated to testing before kernel 2.6.16 did (I forgot the RC bug to
stop it).

The current plan is to let 0.6.3-2 propagate to testing and then to
upload 0.7.x. This upload will have an RC bug filed until 2.6.17 moves
to testing. I'm away most of next week so I'd expect that to happen
after that, which is roughly when the 10 day wait for 0.6.3-2 finishes

> currently only one kernel version (2.6.16) is supported. if we had
> ivtv0.6, ivtv0.7 and soon ivtv0.8 in debian, 2.6.16, 2.6.17 (and soon
> 2.6.18) would be supported.

Around about the time of 2.6.19 (was .18, .17...) upstream expects the
ivtv driver to be merged upstream which is why I didn't upload the
multi-version packages -- it should soon become unnecessary. I admit I
(and upstream) thought "soon" would be earlier than it turned out to be
though ;-)

As it happens there are packages following the scheme you propose on
www.hellion.org.uk/ivtv although I didn't add 0.7.x there yet. They work
well but aren't really fit for uploading.

> i don't know the situation of the mythtv maintainer team, but if help is
> needed i can help with maintaining ivtv.

The ivtv maintenance burden is pretty light so I think I'm managing OK.

I'm not sure what is happening on the mythtv side of things. Christian
Marillat maintains packages at debian-multimedia.org which I think many
people use but the pkg-mythtv work on alioth doesn't appear to have
gathered much momentum.

> i think that ivtvdev (the ivtv X driver) should be packaged for debian
> as well.

Definitely. For me this is/was pending on an upstream release which uses
the X.org 0.7 build system. I (and others I think) have proposed patches
upstream but nothing has come of that yet. I didn't especially want to
get into maintaining that sort of divergence from upstream but I've been
waiting for so long now I think I might just bite the bullet soon. I've
just filled an ITP (#380174) since there wasn't one yet.


Ian Campbell

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