[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Fwd: [ 1868278 ] A bug in python useing netsnmp.snmpwalk

Gabriele Messineo gabriele.messineo at winext.eu
Wed Sep 3 06:32:09 UTC 2008


I'm forwarding you this notice I sent to net-snmp-coders mailing list to ask 
you to change debian patch


That's reintroducing the below cited bug.

I've verified the same apply to net-snmp-5.4.1~dfsg-9.

Thanks and Regards,

Gabriele Messineo

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Subject: [ 1868278 ] A bug in python useing netsnmp.snmpwalk
Date: Tuesday 02 September 2008
From: Gabriele Messineo <gabriele.messineo at winext.eu>
To: net-snmp-coders at lists.sourceforge.net


I follow the cited open bug ticket, because I encountered the same issue.

I did some testing and I found a bug originated in SVN release 16962, a simple 
typo that can be fixed with:

--- python/netsnmp/client_intf.c
+++ python/netsnmp/client_intf.c
<               snprintf(buf,"%ld", buf_len, *var->val.integer);
>               snprintf(buf, buf_len, "%ld", *var->val.integer);

after having applied this patch the bug in Subject seems to be unreproducible.

I tested on Debian/Lenny on i386 from the source packages:

And I verified in that the typo is still in the SVN Trunk.

I hope that can help.


Gabriele Messineo


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