[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#561124: Bug#561124: net-snmp: speaks of snmp-mibs-downloader which isn't found anywhere

Jochen Friedrich jochen at scram.de
Tue Dec 15 16:35:08 UTC 2009

Hi Rhonda,

> It would had been much more helpful if the
> stuff that you introduced in would have stayed around
> until the extra package is ready to use. I can understand from reading
> the bugreports why you chose this path - but really, not having the
> other package ready rather opens new bugs instead of fixing those. :)

Isn't testing just what the name says? :) At least this way around all
packages have a chance to pop up that don't work without the MIBs.
According to Bug #557434 any package which would need the MIBs can't stay
in main.


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