[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#561578: Bug#561578: system: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> system)

Jochen Friedrich jochen at scram.de
Fri Dec 18 12:42:00 UTC 2009

Hi Bruno,

> I can't see "mib-snmp-downloader" on the ftp archive.
> Do you have a proposed data for when that package will become available?
> Or, is there an unofficial version of that package i can use to get the MIB's?

The package is at http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/snmp-mibs-downloader.git

You need git to download it:

cd /tmp
git clone git://git.debian.org/collab-maint/snmp-mibs-downloader.git
cd snmp-mibs-downloader
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

Feel free to test, comment, patch etc.

One change that is planned but not yet committed is that I plan to ship a tar.gz with the RFCs 
needed to create a basic MIB tree. mib-snmp-downloader will then move from contrib to non-free.
Downloading the updated IANA MIBs or any additional vendor MIBs will be optional and nothing will 
be downloaded during configure.


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