[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#505063: snmpd: truncating value to 32 bits when reading UCD-SNMP-MIB::ssCpu*

Christian Hammers chammers at netcologne.de
Tue Oct 20 16:01:00 UTC 2009


Jorge Matias wrote:
> After sending this bug report I have realised that it really didn't make much sense.
> Anyway, I didn't expect to start receiving messages warning that the value 
> was being truncated. It didn't happen with snmpd 5.2.1 .

I think the bug report makes perfectly sense - snmpd is flooding my logfiles
with this message! 

The kernel can hardly be blamed that it reports more than an uptime >= 2^32 if
the system really idled that long. So if snmpd wants to squeeze the value into
2^32 bits it should simply do a "modulo 2^32" like it does for 32bit network
interface counters as well. 
Counters of a specific bit site are supposed to wrap around somewhen. That's an
inherent problem of Counters and all clients should be able to deal with that
so there is no reason for a warning, or?



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