[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#565635: SNMPD crashed

Timur I. Bakeyev timur at gnu.org
Sat Nov 26 20:31:04 UTC 2011

Just want to confirm the same behaviour with  5.4.3~dfsg-2.3.

Same query kills SNMPD with:

2011-11-26T21:06:30+01:00 monitor snmpd[14090]: netsnmp_assert (((void
*)0) != tblreq_info) && (tblreq_info->colnum <=
tad->tblreg_info->max_column) failed table_container.c:476
2011-11-26T21:06:30+01:00 monitor kernel: [ 8721.695685] snmpd[14090]:
segfault at 410 ip 00007f3b999804f3 sp 00007fff941894a0 error 4 in
2011-11-26T21:09:17+01:00 monitor snmptrapd[14098]: 2011-11-26
21:09:17 NET-SNMP version 5.4.3 Stopped.

With regards,
Timur Bakeyev.

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