[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#969436: Fixing wrong changelog entry

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Wed Sep 23 19:35:46 BST 2020

Hi Keith,

On 23-09-2020 15:17, Keith Max wrote:
> This small mess has been existing couple of days now. Is it possible to
> fix this package please? There are a bunch of packages stuck in unstable
> because of this situation this package is in.
> If I'm correct, the changelog of -2 closed the wrong bug number. Then
> the wrong changelog entry was fixed on the source repo, but no new
> upload was made to unstable with the actual corrected changelog. So
> based on the previous upload inlcuding the wrong changelog the BTS has
> determined that this serious bug is still applicable to current upload.

The bug number issue has been fixed in the bts correctly and no action
is required regarding that.

> Is it possible to do a corrected upload please to correct the changelog
> also in the actual package, not just in the source repo?

It's bug 970798 that's blocking net-snmp, or rather, the issue it's
reporting. In other words, the source doesn't need any change, the only
issue is that the binaries need to be built on the build daemons and
that requires an upload (without changes is good enough). I'll do that
if Craig doesn't respond in one or two days.


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