[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#970798: Bug#970798: net-snmp: Not built on buildd: arch all binaries, source-only upload required

Craig Small csmall at debian.org
Wed Sep 23 22:46:54 BST 2020

On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 at 01:27, Chris Hofstaedtler <zeha at debian.org> wrote:

> * Not built on buildd: arch amd64 binaries uploaded by csmall
> * Not built on buildd: arch all binaries uploaded by csmall, a new
>     source-only upload is needed to allow migration
> While the first one could be fixed by a binNMU, the second one
> cannot. This also prevents your reverse dependencies from migrating
> to testing.
> Please do a new source-only, possibly no-change, upload to unstable.
Hi Chris,
  Thanks for pointing out its not migrating.

Seriously this source-only upload stuff is broken.

source-only uploads fail because libsnmptrapd40 is new
binary uploads fail because they wont go into testing

So apparently, I need to:
* first upload a binary set to get libsnmptrapd40 through the gate
* upload a source-only for no other reason other than.. reasons

 - Craig
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