can not compile it to my LFS-6.3system...

weibin li yoyojacky2009 at
Tue Sep 22 17:48:47 UTC 2009

    Hi support team,
       sorry to borther you,   i am a linux user, today , I want to compile
net-tools-1.60 to my LFS-system(Linux From Scratch) version 6.3 , but it all
ways show that screen as following :  may i have your service please!  thank
you very much

[root at YOYO /sources/net-tools-1.60]# yes "" | make config
rm -f config.h
Configuring the Linux net-tools (NET-3 Base Utilities)...
*              Internationalization
* The net-tools package has currently been translated to French,
* German and Brazilian Portugese.  Other translations are, of
* course, welcome.  Answer `n' here if you have no support for
* internationalization on your system.
Does your system support GNU gettext? (I18N) [y] *
*             Protocol Families.
UNIX protocol family (HAVE_AFUNIX) [y] INET (TCP/IP) protocol family
(HAVE_AFINET) [y] INET6 (IPv6) protocol family (HAVE_AFINET6) [n] Novell
IPX/SPX protocol family (HAVE_AFIPX) [n] Appletalk DDP protocol family
(HAVE_AFATALK) [n] AX25 (packet radio) protocol family (HAVE_AFAX25) [n]
NET/ROM (packet radio) protocol family (HAVE_AFNETROM) [y] Rose (packet
radio) protocol family (HAVE_AFROSE) [n] X.25 (CCITT) protocol family
(HAVE_AFX25) [y] Econet protocol family (HAVE_AFECONET) [n] DECnet protocol
family (HAVE_AFDECnet) [y] Ash protocol family (HAVE_AFASH) [n] *
*            Device Hardware types.
Ethernet (generic) support (HAVE_HWETHER) [y] ARCnet support (HAVE_HWARC)
[y] SLIP (serial line) support (HAVE_HWSLIP) [y] PPP (serial line) support
(HAVE_HWPPP) [y] IPIP Tunnel support (HAVE_HWTUNNEL) [y] STRIP (Metricom
radio) support (HAVE_HWSTRIP) [n] Token ring (generic) support (HAVE_HWTR)
[y] AX25 (packet radio) support (HAVE_HWAX25) [y] Rose (packet radio)
support (HAVE_HWROSE) [n] NET/ROM (packet radio) support (HAVE_HWNETROM) [y]
X.25 (generic) support (HAVE_HWX25) [y] DLCI/FRAD (frame relay) support
(HAVE_HWFR) [n] SIT (IPv6-in-IPv4) support (HAVE_HWSIT) [n] FDDI (generic)
support (HAVE_HWFDDI) [n] HIPPI (generic) support (HAVE_HWHIPPI) [n] Ash
hardware support (HAVE_HWASH) [n] (Cisco)-HDLC/LAPB support
(HAVE_HWHDLCLAPB) [n] IrDA support (HAVE_HWIRDA) [n] Econet hardware support
(HAVE_HWEC) [y] *
*           Other Features.
IP Masquerading support (HAVE_FW_MASQUERADE) [y] Build iptunnel and ipmaddr
(HAVE_IP_TOOLS) [y] Build mii-tool (HAVE_MII) [n]
[root at YOYO/sources/net-tools-1.60]# make
make[1]: Entering directory `/sources/net-tools-1.60/man'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/sources/net-tools-1.60/man'
make[1]: Entering directory `/sources/net-tools-1.60/lib'
cc -D_GNU_SOURCE -O2 -Wall -g  -I. -idirafter ./include/ -Ilib
-I/sources/net-tools-1.60 -idirafter /sources/net-tools-1.60/include    -c
-o inet_sr.o inet_sr.c
inet_sr.c:  in
                                                       make[1]: ***
[inet_sr.o] error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/sources/net-tools-1.60/lib'
make: *** [subdirs]  error 2
[root at YOYO /sources/net-tools-1.60]#
[root at YOYO /sources/net-tools-1.60]#
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