net-tools: How to get Red Hat's patches into upstream ?

Bernd Eckenfels bernd-2011 at
Fri Nov 25 18:05:04 UTC 2011


On new SF is a head branch which does contain some patches (newer than
1.60), but I guess not all of them have been sent as patches to me.

Am 25.11.2011 17:20, schrieb Jiri Popelka:
> I suppose I'll choose the most important ones and send them to you
> once I'm finished.
This would be perfect.
> It will most likely take some time but I would like to know what's the
> prefered way beforehand.
> Directly mail to you ? Use the bug tracker on sourceforge ?
I think bug tracker would be best, but I also apreciate it if you sent
them beforehand by mail.
> Or is there some possibility I could get a write-access to the repo so
> I could push commits
> where I'm 100% sure it's a bug and the fix is simple enough (for
> example some man page fixes) ?
Yes, I would be glad to do that. There is a minor inconsitency in Head
(some format changes which I might roll back) so maybe not commit too
much to netstat printf(), but otherwise I would trust you with the
commits. Can you sent me your SF login and a pgp signed message to proof
your origin?


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