[Pkg-nx-group] Re: [FreeNX-kNX] Updated debs of latext NX libs? Plus source control repository yet?

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann s.L-H at gmx.de
Fri Oct 7 14:33:59 UTC 2005


On Friday 07 October 2005 04:01, Nicholas Lee wrote:
> Has anyone updated
> http://debian.tu-bs.de/project/kanotix/unstable/pool/main/n/nx/ NX
> libs  to the latest NX releases?

Did that yesterday, upload pending due to yesterday's libssl0.9.8 transition 
in sid, after further testing and thourough checks of all (indirect) libssl 
rdepends it will be uploaded later today or at the weekend.


> If not, I'm try making a diff between the new and old 
> nxagent+nxdesktop applying this patch to the current deb-src and
> seeing if a simple upgrade will work.

Not necessary/ already done (I'm actually using these packages right now).

> Secondly, anyone put any of the above into source control yet?

I am keeping it in a local svn repository, but that won't become public. If 
you like to help with the packaging attempts to get nx into debian, these are 
the adresses to become involved:

Consider my current packages as intermediate service for debian nx users, 
those packages are clean, working and fine from the user's point of view - 
but they won't enter debian proper in its current state for the following 
(not necessarily limited to these) reasons:

- The upstream sources aren't self contained (yet) that means you currently 
need the complete nxcomp, nxcompext sources to compile nx-X11, all of these 
to compile nxagent (as part of nx-X11) and all of these to compile nxdesktop 
or nxviewer. Given the fact that we're talking about ~34 MB sources for each 
minor upstream update this would be quite a burden for mirrors (ftp-master), 
besides that this would be a debian policy violation. 
Efforts to provide -dev packages instead are ongoing but not finished yet.

- nx-X11 is basically a complete XFree86 4.3 (snapshot) source tree, although 
only a minor part of it is actually needed (this changes a bit from release 
to release, as new (acceleration related) features get added to nx) to 
compile libX11-nx.so.6.2, libXext-nx.so.6.4 and libXrender-nx.so.1.2.
I got basically a final response that debian-security won't accept another 
complete X11 source tree into the archive. How this issue might be solved 
remains to be seen, finding a (semi-) automatic way to prune the nx-X11 
(get-orig-source target in debian/rules) might be a very first step in that 

- Debian is currently released for 11 full featured architectures (with amd64 
on the waiting list), even if the Vancouver proposal (SCC) succeeds, there 
will remain at the very least least 4 platforms (two 64 bit architectures).
The NX libraries (namely nxagent and the interface to nxcomp{ext}) are 
currently not 64 bit safe, this needs to be fixed before you can seriously 
try to get nx into debian.

Most users might not (don't need to) care about these issues, but that's where 
further efforts are needed - even if this actually does not affect ~90% of 
all potential users. Patches and suggestions for the things mentioned above 
are very welcome, just mail them to 
	pkg-nx-group (http://alioth.debian.org/mail/?group_id=30517)
and/ or become directly involved into the packaging efforts. 

I will of course integrate all fitting patches and changes to my intermediate 
packages on
	deb http://debian.tu-bs.de/project/kanotix/unstable/ ./
	deb-src http://debian.tu-bs.de/project/kanotix/unstable/ ./
	deb ftp://ftp.ekhis.org/ekhis/ experimental main
	deb-src ftp://ftp.ekhis.org/ekhis/ experimental main
in the mean time and will provide a smooth upgrade path to the upcoming "real" 
packaging, but please remember that all further efforts should go into the 
real packaging for debian.

Patches not directly affecting (debian) packaging related issues are best 
contributed to NoMachine directly
so that all distributions can benefit from them. Keep in mind that the recent 
demands and troll outbreaks on the FreeNX-kNX mailing list were everything 
but helpful, there are only very few companies as opensource friendly as 
NoMachine (this rant is of course not directed at your person and I'm not 
going to comment on this any further).

> --
> Nicholas Lee
> http://stateless.geek.nz
> gpg 8072 4F86 EDCD 4FC1 18EF  5BDD 07B0 9597 6D58 D70C

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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