[Pkg-octave-devel] Developer team + SVN + infrastructure

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd@debian.org
Tue, 25 Jan 2005 19:37:41 -0600

In response to the mail by Rafael Laboissiere dated 25 January 2005 at 08:53:
| The developer team of the pkg-octave project @ Alioth is composed now by the
| following people:
|     Dirk Eddelbuettel 
|     Isaac Clerencia   
|     J. Rafael Rodriguez Galvan
|     Rafael Laboissiere
| Any person lurking here who is interested in joining us, please drop me a
| note.
| As regards the Version Control repository for doing common development of
| packages at Alioth: I recently switched from CVS to Subversion for all my
| private projects.  I must say that it is like going from hell to heaven.
| Besides that, svn commands are pretty similar to cvs ones, so that the
| transition is really not painful.  If nobody objects, I will create a SVN
| repository for the pkg-octave project.
| I hope to have all the Octave-related Debian packages hosted at Alioth.
| They are (source packages):
|     octave2.0
|     octave2.1
|     octave-epstk
|     octave-forge
|     octave-gpc
|     octaviz
|     statdataml
| [N. B.: octave-plplot (source package: plplot) is already hosted elsewhere
| (plplot.sf.net).]

There are a few more:
      octave-ci	    (now almost empty as most of its content is in Octave
		     and octave-forge)
      semidef-oct   (sourcename, package octave-sp)
      matwrap	    (dead upstream, "but useful", written in perl)
      inline-octave (useful little Perl interface by A. Adler) 

Of these, the first three could be retired, i.e. thrown out of Debian. I'll
do that with matcompat, the early precursor to octave-forge.

| The next step will be to build a common infrastructure for package building,
| similar to what Dirk did for the R packages.

Much easier for R as it has a common infrastructure for building packages in
the first place.  You'd need to create that first for Octave.


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