[Pkg-octave-devel] Problems in octaviz

Rafa Rodriguez Galvan rafael.rodriguez@uca.es
Sat, 05 Mar 2005 13:51:13 +0100

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El s=E1b, 05-03-2005 a las 07:47, Rafael Laboissiere escribi=F3:
> * Rafa Rodriguez Galvan <rafael.rodriguez@uca.es> [2005-03-05 01:00]:
> > I have tested it again: ii  xlibmesa-gl-dev 4.2.1-12.1
> In http://packages.debian.org/xlibmesa-gl-dev, there is no mention to
> "12.1", only "12.0.1".  How can it be that you have "12.1"?

My desktop machine has been working for about two years with several
upgrades from early sarge. I use it for compiling and testing and
some time ago I decided to upgrade packages to sid. I suppose the
system is too unstable and there is some confusing in package versions,
but it should work... Now, I'm upgrading it again, I hope octaviz
builds after that.

> > I'll try to investigate the problem (here I paste a snapshot of the
> > relevant error messages). One possibility is checking that installing
> > mesa-common-dev solves the problems in my desktop computer. I can=20
> > also  try actualising xlibmesa-gl-dev to the latest version.
> I must confess I am lost.  I built the package during the night in my
> unstable chroot with the latest versions of the build-dependencies and it
> worked.  I have xlibmesa-gl-dev installed, not mesa-common-dev.
> Could you please do the following, from the top_srcdir run:
>     tar cfz Makefile.tgz `find . -name Makefile`
> and send the Makefile.tgz file to me, please.   =20

I post it you in a private message, in order to not overload
the list.

J. Rafael Rodriguez Galvan.
Cadiz University (UCA).                 OSLUCA (Free Software Office, UCA)
Department of Mathematics.                 [1] http://softwarelibre.uca.es

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