[Pkg-octave-devel] Re: [Pkg-scicomp-devel] Changing hands of glpk-shlib and sundials

Christophe Prud'homme prudhomm at debian.org
Mon Sep 4 08:02:23 UTC 2006


| Although the DOG could happily continue the maintenance of these packages,
| I think that they would fit better in pkg-scicomp, because this later
| project has a more general agenda than pkg-octave.
| Therefore, I would like to ask the members of both pkg-octave and
| pkg-scicomp what they think about this.  In the case there are no
| objections, I would like to be added as a member of the pkg-scicomp
| project.  I would them migrate the SVN sources from our repository to
| yours.
I would be very happy about this move. pkg-scicomp is about scientific 
computing in general. I really felt when I created it that it was time to 
federate the knowledge, efforts and discussions on this subject.

From my side, and I think the other people involved in pkg-scicomp(please 
speak up if you feel differently), there are no objections that these two 
packages are moved. I would also gladly add you as a member. Just let me 

Best regards
Debian Developer - http://people.debian.org/~prudhomm/
Scienfific computing packages maintainer
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