[Pkg-octave-devel] Adopting qtoctave by the DOG

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Sun Feb 24 15:59:45 UTC 2008

* Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso <jordigh at gmail.com> [2008-02-24 09:43]:

> On 24/02/2008, Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at laboissiere.net> wrote:
> >  Would you mind if we change the Debian Octave Group becomes the maintainer
> >  of the qtoctave package? The Debian files for this package are already in
> >  our SVN and it is needing serious QA work.
> I was actually working on it last night. I'm happy if you adopt it,
> but can you give me a little more time before you do anything to it?
> Say, a week. This is my first package, and now this is the first time
> that I have to update it, so I want the learning experience. If within
> a week I don't get the necessary upload past the mentors, then make
> the necessary changes yourself.
> Sounds fair?

Sure.  Please, consider the changes that I did already in SVN.  I also added
a debian/TODO file with the further changes I think should be done.

As regards upload sponsoring, I would gladly do it for you.

At any rate, You did not answer my original question about the adoption.
Making the DOG adopt the package does not mean that you cannot/should not
work on it, much to the contrary.  Just add your name to the Uploaders list
in debian/control and everything will be fine.  If you decide to do so, I
urge you to use the SVN repository for development.  One of the advantages
of doing so is that your commits will be seen by the subscribers of the
pkg-octave-commit mailing list.  Also, people of the DOG are likely to
mentor you better in the packaging work.


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