[Pkg-octave-devel] Question to Debian Etch users: Has someone managed to install the Octave-forge package for Octave 2.9

Stefan Pofahl stefan at pofahl.de
Mon Feb 25 07:19:26 UTC 2008


yesterday I tried to install the Octave-forge package
from the Debian "etch" distribution, I failed, after
the installation the plot function was corrupt:
Error message:
feval: the symbol 'drawnow' is not a valid function"

So there are two ways:
Someone knows the trick how to install:
Octave-forge package 2.9(2006.07.09+dfsg1-8)

or someone knows
a Debian etch compatible octave3.0 package.

The advice in the bug-mailing list of Octave was:
Install Octave 3.0.

But I failed to install the Octave3.0 from the "sid"

I see, that this is not a Octave bug, so perhaps this
here is the right place for this question.



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