[Pkg-octave-devel] CXX_ABI

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Tue Jul 29 19:56:20 UTC 2008

* John W. Eaton <jwe at bevo.che.wisc.edu> [2008-07-29 15:47]:

> On 29-Jul-2008, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> | Do you think that this bug is important enough so that octave3.0-headers
> | must be fixed in the forthcoming Debian release (lenny)?  Note that lenny
> | has been frozen some days ago, but it is possible to get packages fixed,
> | provided that:
> | 
> | 1) The bug is release-critical.  That is easy to do: we just file a bug
> |    report with severity level "serious" and explain why.
> | 
> | 2) The fix is simple and has no side effects.  This is also easy to do
> |    changing some lines in debian/rules.
> | 
> | What do you think?
> It will affect anyone who upgrades from the broken package to one that
> is not broken, as they will get the mysterious "undefined" error when
> attempting to use a function defined in a .oct file that was built
> with a buggy package.  Whether this issue is important enough to fix
> the package is up to you.

In an afterthought, I do not think that fixing the package is desirable,
because we would then have to rebuild ll the other packages that have *.oct
files and depend on octave3.0.  Am I right?


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