[Pkg-octave-devel] Choosing a sensible name for a new package split from octave3.0

Stéphane Glondu steph at glondu.net
Sat Sep 13 09:19:30 UTC 2008

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
>     octave3.0-common (although, this package will not be "common" to several
>         other, only to octave3.0)

It will be common to all architectures. Isn't that enough? Have a look
at airstrike or schroot, for example.

>     octave3.0-data (although, this is not really "data", but "code" and
>         other stuff)

This may qualify as "data"...

> Suggestions?

-extra is quite often used, too. I wouldn't use it if the main binary
package depends on it, though.

FYI, the most commonly used words in architecture-independant binary
>     171 i18n
>     190 ruby
>     191 dev
>     203 l10n
>     233 common
>     275 data
>     365 java
>     398 python
>    1057 doc
>    1231 perl

Clearly, -common and -data are clearly the most common general-purpose
suffixes for architecture-independant packages. I would probably use
-common in your case.


Stéphane Glondu

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