[Pkg-octave-devel] Dynare

Sébastien Villemot sebastien.villemot at ens.fr
Fri Apr 3 14:02:16 UTC 2009

Le jeudi 02 avril 2009 à 22:56 +0200, Rafael Laboissiere a écrit :
> What are your plans regarding the arch-dependent files?  Would it make
> sense to put them in $(OCTDIR), as defined in defs.make?

Actually my initial plan was to put the MEX under /usr/lib/dynare, along
with the preprocessor which is a standalone executable.

Actually I think we should decide between two polar cases:

1) put all Dynare files in Octave directories: the M-files in $(MDIR),
the MEX files in $(OCTDIR), and the preprocessor in $(shell
octave-config-3.0.1 --print LOCALAPIARCHLIBDIR).
The only problem is for the M-files: a few of them have name clashes
(but this can easily be fixed with patches, which I would incorporate
upstream). Another issue is that the M-files are organized in

2) put all Dynare files in /usr/{lib,share}/dynare, as I currently do.
And put only a single M-file (or even a symlink?) in $(MDIR).

I would prefer we opt for one of these two polar cases, rather than
having something in between. I would be happy with either option.

And if we opt for option 1, my dynare-matlab package would simple
recreate another directory structure for Matlab using symlinks.


Sébastien Villemot

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