[Pkg-octave-devel] Dynare status

Sébastien Villemot sebastien.villemot at ens.fr
Thu Apr 23 14:56:51 UTC 2009

Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at debian.org> a écrit :
> I would really prefer that there are no name clashes, unless Dynare needs
> really to override the behavior of some of the standard Octave functions.
> This is the case, for instance, of the package octave-graceplot.

Currently there are at least two name clashes: rows.m and table.m (by  
the way, is there any automatic way of detecting name clashes?).

There is no good reason for these name clashes; the only reason is  
that Dynare is mainly developed under Matlab, and Octave doesn't  
complain about clashes.

Should I fix these right now (it is probably easy to rename them to  
dynrows.m and dyntable.m respectively) ?

> I think that the adding a symlink to dynare.m in $(MDIR) is indeed the best
> solution for now.
> Sébastien, could you implement this?  Once it is done, I will test the
> package and upload it to unstable.

I have committed it to the SVN.

By the way I have also moved "rcond.m", a rough replacement for  
Matlab's rcond, to $(MDIR) (I don't wan't it in  
/usr/share/dynare/matlab because of Matlab users).

So, except if you think that I should deal now with name clashes, I'm  
ready for the upload to unstable.


Sébastien Villemot

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